Engraulis encrasicolus


It is a blue fish about 15-20 cm long (adult size), with a high commercial value, and that is mainly captured for human consumption. It is called anchovy when it is processed in salted olive oil. Anchovies are a semi-preserved.

It has a pointed muzzle, a short lower jaw, chin and soft facial contour, which reaches practically the front part of the gill preperculum and that it uses to defend itself in the event of a threat from a predator, such as sea bass or mullet; the end of the lower jaw reaches almost to the base of the nostrils. The branchial operculi project over the epibranchs. The pseudobranch is somewhat larger than the eye and reaches the inner part of the branchial operculum. It also has a silver stripe on the lateral line, which disappears with age.

Performs the setting between June and July; the eggs, in a peculiar elongated shape, float for two or three days after fertilization until the fry hatch. These grow very slowly (specimens of a year can measure less than 3 cm) until reaching adult size.

Fish language
Languages Anchovy
Latin Engraulis encrasicolus
Basque Bokarta - Antxoa
Spanish Boquerón
French Anchois Européen
English Anchovy
Italian Alice